Complete Account Insights for ActiveCampaign resellers

Know exactly when ActiveCampaign is charging you as a reseller for the accounts you manage. Know when and how much will be charged so you can prep your banking account for sufficient funding. No more locked accounts because of low balance.

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The pains every ActiveCampaign reseller experiences

If you have been reselling for longer than a month, this will sound familiar
  • Can't export data of the accounts you manage to Excel, or any other format, to do cross-referencing or calculations of yourself
  • You don't know how much ActiveCampaign is charging your account for or when that's happening 
  • Accounts are suspended without warning when they grow and hit their plan limits

This is what ACDashboard offers you


Run your own calculation on the data of your accounts. Export your accounts and download it as .csv. Then open it in Excel and be free to do whatever you need. Like cross referencing your financial administration.

Quota Energy Bar

See the status of the quota of your accounts in an easy energy bar. Take action on accounts that are about to hit their limits before they get suspended.


Know when ActiveCampaign will charge your bank account. No more surprise charges or sudden high costs. ACDashboard shows you the total costs per month that ActiveCampaign will charge your for or even the costs from today until the end of the current month.