The Go-To Dashboard for
Agency Partners

Know exactly when ActiveCampaign is charging you as a reseller for the accounts you manage. Know when and how much will be charged so you can prep your banking account for sufficient funding. No more locked accounts because of low balance.

Demo environment access

Want to see what's it all about? Want to get access? 
No problem! Let me email you the login credentials to the demo environment and let's go 🏎️

The pains every ActiveCampaign
Agency Partner experiences

Does this sound familiar?
  • Can't export data of the accounts you manage to Excel, or any other format, to do cross-referencing or calculations of yourself
  • You don't know how much ActiveCampaign is charging your bank account for or whén that's happening 
  • Accounts are suspended without warning when they grow and hit their plan limits

what ACDashboard offers you

Export your accounts as .csv

  • cross reference your bookkeeping
  • calculate profits using your discount
  • run your own calculations and filters

Mail customers close to their quota

  • send mails to accounts to upgrade their plan
  • prevent your accounts from being cut off when they reached quota
  • have a visual overview of the status of your account quota

Be prepared when AC will charge

  • monthly chart with amounts AC will charge you
  • did you earn your discount? Then the discounted price is also shown
  • be prepared when a month full of yearly plans expire