About ACDashboard

ACDashboard aims to provide Active Campaign Agency Partners with a dashboard which displays important information about your accounts at a glance of the eye.

Graph which shows ActiveCampaigns’ charges

The main part shows you per month when ActiveCampaign charges you for the accounts that are expiring that month. When payments are due. This helps you so you can ensure your banking account is ready to deal with the charges.

For Agency Partners that earned their discount, the graph can simultaneously show the full price and the discounted price.

The graph shows you the sum of all expiring plans per month, including the discounted price when you earned your discount at ActiveCampaign

Accounts in a sortable and filterable overview

All your accounts are listed in a fast responsive table. Filtering the table by name, plan or email happens instantly.The accounts are augmented with useful information like the quota for both emails sent and subscriber count.

When you sort your accounts on subscriber usage, you can easily spot which accounts are over their allowed limits and which are about to be.

That is the moment you need to reach out to your accounts to upgrade their plans so they won’t be cut off of sending mails because they’ve exceeded their plan limits.

Accounts are shown along with a filter and indicators of the plan-limits per account. It’s easy to see which accounts are close or over their plan limits.

Append your own information to your accounts

Next to having the account information, you can add your own information to the accounts.

This helps in easily recognising the customer behind the accounts.

You can also add private notes to accounts to store your thoughts or to remind yourself the next time you review this account.

Next to the static account information from ActiveCampaign, you can add your own information to be stored with accounts.
Like your own label or extra notes.

Track account changes

Once you start with ACDashboard, the changes of your accounts are being stored.

Think of the increasing number of emails sent, subscribers added, changes in account-information and what not.

Create collective invoices

To ease your bookkeeping, you can create collective invoices: have all the charges of your accounts for this month in one collective invoice.

Having a collective invoice of all accounts eases the stress on your bookkeeping

Future features

ACDashboard is ever evolving: new features are added and existing features can be enhanced. It’s very community driven which means that ACDashboard users are heard when they provide their feedback about improving the application.

New features that are already on the todo-list:


Create events based on account changes.

For example, when an account hits 80% of their subscriber limit, send an email.

Or, when the month ends, create an invoice having all expired accounts of last month in it.