January 28

Prevent accounts being cut off from sending email in ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign accounts which have more subscribers than their plan allows for are cut off of their mailing capabilities.

Fixing this means upgrading the account to a higher plan.

As an ActiveCampaign reseller you’ve probably had an angry customer on the phone or in your mailbox complaining about their automations not sending mails anymore. And losing money because of it.

When an account can’t send email all of a sudden while it worked before, probably one of these three things happened:

  1. The account reached the send limit: too much mails sent this month
  2. The account reached the subscriber limit: more subscribers than the active plan allows
  3. You’ve failed your payment: the account suffers the consequences

Have you ever had your customer telling you their business is down?

None of the planned emails in any automation is sent out. It appears that account is cut of from sending emails by ActiveCampaign 😱

You want your customers to succeed in business. You wish them growth and revenue.

But you fail your customer the moment you fail to notice they’ve outgrown their plan.

That will just halt their business. Your customer is not able to send any email until you’ve upgraded the accounts’ plan.

So keeping a finger on the pulse of your accounts’ usages is very important.

How do you go about it?

Looking at the account limits in ActiveCampaign

When you login to your ActiveCampaigns’ partner account, you get a table with the accounts you manage.

In the third column you see the limits.

It’s visually depicted as a progress bar. The bar starts out green and turns red when subscriber-limits are coming near for that account.

Status of the ActiveCampaign accounts you manage.
Note that you cannot sort on the limits and that the limits for number of emails is missing

What I really miss in this:

  • you cannot sort the accounts on their limits: to have on top those that are closest to their limits
  • the limit is only for the number of subscribers, what about the limit for sent emails?
  • the page is really slow. Changing the sorting of accounts or going to next page of the paginated results make you wait for at least 6 seconds (on my optic fiber internet).
    Having 20 accounts on 1 page means I have 96 pages with 20 accounts on it. This will take 9,6 minutes just to shift through them all.

How can you track accounts that are about to exceed their plan limits?

Ideal world: keep track of the email- and subscriber usage. Get a notification on thresholds.

Even better: add tags to account that are about to exceed their plan limits. This way you can automate sending emails to upgrade their account and continue sending mail without interruptions.

But how? There is no such option on the ActiveCampaign management page.

No, but ActiveCampaign does provide access to your accounts with an API. This way you can fetch the account information and act on whichever datapoint is important to you.

I don’t want to manually check every account

Me neither! That’s why I’m creating a script to automatically check the account status by using ActiveCampaign’s API.

It will show you a list of accounts which are close to their limits and thus close to being cut off of their mailing capabilities.

I want this list to be sorted by usage levels of the accounts.

Those who are closest to their limits on top of the list.
Because those accounts are on the edge of losing their mailing capabilities.

This way you can act before the accounts get cut off.

Want to use it too? Leave your email address and I’ll send a message when it’s done.

See Your Top 3 Of Accounts Close To Their Limits

Want to know which accounts are closest to their limits?

Leave your address below and I'll mail you when the script for fetching and displaying them is ready for you.


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