March 4

Export accounts you manage as an ActiveCampaign Reseller


As an ActiveCampaign reseller you cannot export the data of the accounts you manage.

It would be great if you could. Having your data in a spreadsheet means you can run all kind of calculations on it.

Also, you can filter the accounts leaving you with valuable information.

The top 4 values of having the accounts in a spreadsheet for me seems:

  1. Bump plans: Filter on accounts on low plans so you can approach them to bump their plans when they’re in need
  2. Profit calculations: Run calculations on the profit made: earnings of sold plans this month minus the discount you get as a reseller
  3. Make sure everybody got charged: Cross reference accounts that had to pay this month with your own bookkeeping to make sure you did not forget to charge one of your accounts
  4. as a backup for yourself

Bump your accounts to a higher plan

Having to charge your accounts every month can take more time than needed. Even when you automated this. It’s easier for you to have accounts being charged by the year. For the account owners it’s cheaper to pay by the year. So this seems like a win-win.
Having the spreadsheet with the accounts you manage as an ActiveCampaign reseller, it’s as simple as filtering on the plan to get all the accounts that are charged monthly. Copy the email addresses and send them an offer they can’t refuse!

Profits calculations

There are different ways you can earn your living being an ActiveCampaign reseller. One of those ways is maximising your reseller discount.
While your account pays the plan price, you get to keep the discount you earned as a reseller.
Your profit would then be: # plans * discount per plan
You can calculate this number for every month which results in a nice graph showing you exactly your earnings all year round.

Cross reference your bookkeeping with ActiveCampaign charges

As ActiveCampaign charges you for the accounts you manage, you need to charge the accounts for the plans they’re on.You can forget to charge on of your accounts. But ActiveCampaign won’t forget to charge you. That means that you’re the one paying for your managed account. That’s not the correct way of running a business.
You probably got your systems set up correctly so you won’t forget. But I’d say: trust but verify.
How would you go about it?

  1. From your bookkeeping: export the accounts you’ve charged this month
  2. From the ActiveCampaign account export: filter the accounts that were due this month
  3. Cross reference:
    1. point 1 and 2 have equal amount: then you’re probably fine
    2. ‘probably’ not good enough? Then check whether you’ve charged the correct accounts by cross referencing the records from point 1 and 2 (by email address? by your own label?)
  4. Take your rest in knowing that you walked the extra mile

Having a monthly backup of accounts for yourself

Having a lot of accounts to manage, means having a lot of questions to answer. In those cases it’s nice to have your administration in order. Especially for removed accounts, for example.
By having a monthly backup at hand, you can browse through your current and past accounts.

How do you export your accounts as an ActiveCampaign reseller?

There are two ways:

  1. using the ActiveCampaign API
  2. using ACDashboard

Using the ActiveCampaign API to export your accounts

ActiveCampaign is so awesome, they provide you with an API. With this, you can request all kinds of data from your account.

To get the accounts you manage you can use the account_list endpoint the API provides.See this link for the full documentation:

This does require technical knowledge. If you do not have it yourself, you could ask around for a PHP developer to help you out with it.

Using ACDashboard to export your accounts

ACDashboard already harnesses the power of the ActiveCampaign API so you won’t have to.
In the overview of your accounts, you can choose for either active or inactive accounts by clicking on the relevant tab.

When the accounts are displayed, you click the export button and all the accounts are exported as .csv. Ready to be opened in Excel, Google Spreadsheet, or another spreadsheet application of your choice.

What’s next?

Would you like to export your accounts from ActiveCampaign? Then try out ACDashboard for free and see what more functionality can help you grow your passive income and save you time.

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